Boat Shades and Canopies

Boating is an incredibly popular pastime in many parts of the world. With a variety of different models, sizes, and specifications that each boat is built to, it’s important to note that every boat is different. However, one thing all boats have in common is that they must be able to withstand extreme exposure to sun, wind, rain, and other elements. This is why boat shades and canopies are so important. A quality boat shade or canopy can provide much-needed protection from the elements, extend the life of your boat and its equipment, as well as a number of other various benefits.

What Are Boat Canopies & Shades?

At SugarHouse, we pride ourselves on only providing top rate products that protect our customers. That’s why we are always innovating new products in-house. Our boat department came up with the Wakeshade to give boat users more shade options and create more value for their boat. The Wakeshade is a very unique product and it required us to really think outside the box and get creative. For many years SugarHouse has been manufacturing bimini extensions that are customized to each boat. Utilizing our years of experience, we came up with a product that is really different from anything we have ever made. Wakeshades are designed to mount on many different types of wake towers in just a few minutes without any drilling or customization.  Wakeshades are all hand sewn and assembled in our facility in Midvale, Utah, giving us the opportunity to ensure our work is the highest quality for each customer. The final product was able to fulfill our current, past, and future customers requests for a more universal boat top and we are confident this product will bring comfort and protection to users for years to come.

Wakeshade Fishing Boat

Benefits of Boat Canopies & Shades

Whether you’re looking for temporary protection for a day at the lake or want something more permanent for extended voyages on open waters, boat canopies and shades offer numerous benefits that help enhance both your comfort and safety when out on the water:

UV Protection: One of the most important benefits of boat canopies and shades is their ability to block out harmful UV rays. Without protection from direct sunlight exposure over long periods of time, not only will you get sunburned faster but so will your boat components like seats and railings, resulting in premature deterioration due to fading or cracking. By installing a quality boat shade extension or canopy cover you can keep yourself safe while also protecting your investment against unnecessary damage caused by UV rays.

Weather Protection: In addition to UV protection, having a sturdy canopy or shade in place allows boaters to remain comfortable no matter what kind of weather arises. It acts as a barrier between you and anything Mother Nature throws your way, from torrential rains to gusty winds, keeping everyone safe aboard until conditions improve enough for you to get back ashore safely.

Increased Comfort & Visibility: Along with keeping everyone dry during inclement weather conditions and safe from the sun, a good-quality boat canopy will also reduce wind chill by providing an added layer of insulation between you and those drafty breezes blowing off the surface of the water while enhancing visibility when navigating during darker times like early morning hours or dusk/dawn shifts. 

Aesthetic Appearance: Lastly, adding a stylish canopy cover also helps improve visual appeal by giving your vessel that sleek look that makes you stand out from all others out on the water, plus it adds value should you ever decide it’s time for an upgrade down the road without losing functionality along the way!

Finding The Right Shade Extension Or Canopy For Your Boat

The perfect shade extension or canopy for your vessel depends upon multiple factors including the size, shape, and layout of your craft as well as how often it’s used and your own personal preference regarding style preferences too. Taking all of these factors into account, there truly is no better option to protect your boat than Wakeshade. Wakeshade is a universal boat shade extension that is unmatched by anything else on the market. The Wakeshade offers benefits and features that no other boat shade solution can promise. With flexible mounting options, reliable construction and materials, a smart design, fast installation, and convenient storage, the Wakeshade has everything you’ll ever need from a boat shade at an unbeatable price.

If you have any questions about the Wakeshade or boat shades and canopies in general, contact us today and we’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and get on the path to an improved boating experience.

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